Pottery, The Shape of Healing

Pottery is a uniquely powerful artistic avenue that can serve as a deeply beneficial therapeutic activity. Pottery is therapeutic and relaxing. While spinning clay or sculpting, your mind and body are in natural synergy, focused on your creative ambitions and goals.

This thoughtful artistic activity can engage the mind and relieve you of outside worries. Creative expression can give you a new language for dealing with emotional issues.

The process of pottery creation can be deeply relaxing and pleasurable, providing relief from troubling thought patterns and behaviours. By combining physical practice built around the primal experience of touch with emotional creative engagement, pottery can allow you to awaken your spirit and activate your natural resilience.

Some of the Benefits are:

Reduce Stress. Our hands are an outlet for creativity, the sense of touch is of high importance. A lot of focus is required while you’re making pottery, therefore outside distractions are reduced and no longer stress you out.

Exercises the Hands, wrists, and arms. The movement of making pottery is gentle yet strengthening to the hands, wrists, and arms. This can be beneficial to those prone to arthritis in the hands, as it promotes joint movement and dexterity.

Promotes a sense of accomplishment. Art is an important hobby for self-expression. It is a good way to connect with yourself and indirectly communicating your feelings and thoughts with others. Even making a simple cup can lift your mood.

Improves Focus. Pottery allows you to escape the worries of life and shift your focus toward your creation. As you work toward completing your project you will train your mind to shut out distractions.

Pottery in general enables for improvements in flow and spontaneity, provides an outlet for grief, and helps you with self-identification and self-expression, bolstering confidence and self-esteem.

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