Bowls, big and small

Pottery bowls are usually the first things we create when learning how to make ceramics. They seem fairly . However, they can also offer some of the greatest challenges depending on their size and design.

The most important element is the shape, followed by the weight and the surface design. Bowls can be created to fit a wide variety of uses. This provides a wide range of styles to choose from to accommodate for different uses.

From snacks to side dishes, your food will always look delectable when served in beautiful serving bowls. Whether you need soup or salad bowls for dinner service or a few small bowls for serving mixed nuts.

Rice bowls tend to have taller, straighter walls, while cereal bowls tend to be more open, rounded, and wide.

The shape of the bowl determines whether it will be viewed primarily from the inside or from the outside. Take note of this as it will help you determine where to place decorative features.

The bowl below are a good example of this.

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