Yadawei Ceramics at d3

12 - 17 November 2018

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This year, members working at Yadawei Studio are taking Dubai Design Week by storm. Meet the artists and creative makers in Dubai working with clay and changing the way we view contemporary ceramics.

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12 - 17 Nov 2018

Designing Ceramics as Communication Instruments

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14 Nov 2018

Ceramics Design Focused on Spheres

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Designing Ceramics as Communication Instruments

November 11, 2018


Yadawei members’s installation demonstrates how ceramics can be used as a relevant communication instrument for modern social, political and emotional messages.

Pottery today is ornamental rather than functional, and used to communicate social, political or emotional messages. We may not be storing oils in Amphorae, but we do sit in lavish lobbies admiring them.


Surface treatment of ceramics incorporates modern trends by depicting specific or suggestive messages to the viewer. Classical forms of pottery can be updated with imagery using modern lifestyle themes, new painting styles, and the application of new glazes and textures.

Dates:  12-17 Nov 2018

Location: Dubai Design District (d3)

Building 9, Atrium

Ceramics Design Focused On Spheres

November 13, 2018


This intensive workshop hosted by Yadawei Ceramics Studio and conducted by Katy des Fontaines will teach participants how to create and design spherical objects in clay. All skill levels welcome.

Designing and executing a sculpture in clay works better in practice than in theory. This workshop will benefit anyone looking to explore the basics of sculptural ceramics. 

Participants will learn how a simple pinching technique can be used to create sculptural art. They will need to consider size, proportions, structure and balance when they design. At the end of the event, everyone will have an object that they can take home to be air dried.

Recommended for ages 16+

Limited spaces. Register at 


About Katy des Fontaines  


Katy is a Belgian-born artist who has lived and worked across Europe, Asia and Africa. Her sculptures include spheres and round shapes which signify the softness of the human soul. Her work has always had African accents, as she believes once you have put your foot on the African continent, you never see things in the same way.

Katy chose to design in ceramics as she believes that clay lets you make mistakes as long as you water it like a plant to keep it alive. Clay is generous and does not judge you - you can erase, redo, undo, start over again, and you only let it dry when you are satisfied with the result.

Location: Dubai Design District (d3)

Making Space

Building 6, ground floor

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