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Spring is here and soon the summer heat will be upon us. Does reaching for a hot cup of tea in the heat seem like a crazy idea? The short answer is No; you will feel cooler as your body starts to sweat more and that sweat must be able to evaporate for you to feel that cooling effect. Good news for us, its means making more teapots.

Making a teapot can be a challenge. A few of the challenges that you may come across could be where to place the handle and spout. Also deciding the best size and shape of the lid needs careful consideration.

When you create a well-balanced teapot that pours without dripping, and is not too delicate for use or too heavy to lift, then you have made a good teapot. The pot should have a spout with enough holes in it to let the flow of the hot liquids pour out easily and consistently. You must also have a lid that doesn’t fall off when pouring. A well-crafted teapot will also embrace the basic design elements of creative pottery. Elements to consider like form, color, texture, shape, and balance.

Remember the location of the spout and attachment of the handle are very important for the useful function of the pot. It must not leak out of the spout when filled to the top or drip when being poured. The shape of the body must have stability so it will not tumble over and can pour properly.

The positioning of the handle and angle are important. There are 3 handle placement options: Back, Top, and Side. Back are better on taller teapots and these handles should be close to teapot body for balance. Top handles should be high and wide enough for easy lid removal. Better on shorter forms. Side handles are not as common, some put the handles 90 degrees from the spout, place a side handle on the top side of the pot belly to make it easier to use.

Once you accomplish the teapot shape, you may give it some personality. One way of doing this is by letting your imagination and creativity flow freely adding animals, scratching lines or carving personal messages. Think about the colour of the glaze to match the designs of your pot. You may also want to draw some very basic shapes on your teapot which can give it a whole new look.

Although, the teapot and its structure can be quite challenging, the fulfillment of triumph one tends to feel when seeing and being able to use their teapot is priceless. Hot tea anyone?

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